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Lawn Care Fun Facts

Jun 19, 2023

Who said lawn care can’t be fun? Check out these lawn care fun facts from Weed Man Lawn Care

  • Believe it or not, having a beautiful and healthy lawn can give you a high return on investment. Well-maintained turfgrass combined with a nice landscape can increase the property value of your home by 15-20%!
  • Grasses belong to a family that includes about 6,000 species. They are distributed in countries all over the world and grow in all land habitats capable of supporting higher forms of plant life. Species vary in size from less than one inch to more than 100 feet – the height of some species of tropical bamboo.
  • Back in the 1820s, the first lawn mower was invented by a foreman at a Gloucester textile plant. In 1919 a U.S. Army Colonel took the motor from his wife’s washing machine to produce the first gasoline-powered lawn mower.
  • In 1955 the British government decided against requiring driver’s licenses for lawn mowers. In North America, people have been charged with operating lawn mowers while impaired. In 1975, New York City police used unmarked lawn mowers for roadside radar.
  • Grass clippings are about 90 percent water by weight. Because they are high in protein, they should be left on the lawn to decompose. The average lawn produces clippings at a rate of about 200 pounds per square foot per year. This equals one ton of clippings from a 1,000 square foot lawn each year.
  • Healthy turfgrass acts like a sponge by pulling pollutants such as carbon dioxide, ozone, soot, and dirt from the air. It then creates oxygen, which is expelled back into the air for us to breathe. A 50’ x 50’ area of well-maintained turf creates enough oxygen to meet the daily needs of a family of four.
  • Rain is rain, right? Not from your lawn’s perspective! Spring and summer rains all too often come with all the gusts of thunderstorms. To your lawn, these act as flash floods. Lawns can be bone dry one minute and struggling to keep leaves above the water the next. Often these rainfalls fail to penetrate into the root zone and the lawn may need sprinkler irrigation shortly after the rain has stopped.
  • Pink Flamingos are the most popular lawn decoration to ever be sold. They were first designed in 1957 but rose to popularity in the 1980s.
  • For many centuries, lawns were a symbol of the rich and powerful, but today they are part of many landscapes.
  • We’ve all had to hop across the pavement on a hot day to keep our feet from being burned.  What do we usually head for? The grass, of course! It’s about 68°F cooler. The front lawns of eight average homes have the cooling effect of about 70 tons of air conditioning.