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Granular Seed and Feed

Weed Man's Granular Seed & Feed is a 3-in-1 application of high-quality certified seed, topdressing and fertilizer.

Granular Seed & Feed is a fortified mixture of worm compost, kelp, humic acid and certified turf grass seed, which will improve soil quality, increase microbial activity and increase turf density.

In the early spring or after the summer your lawn can be thin and tired. Granular Seed & Feed reintroduces beneficial compounds and grass seed, which will restore the health of the soil and increase turf density.

Granular Seed & Feed is applied to a home lawn, delivering the ideal amount of nutrients and certified grass seed to improve the health of your turf. The 3-in-1 application helps increase seed germination results. This does not replace polyon fertilizer applications! Please note the improvements in turf density and colour.

Superior results are achieved when Granular Seed & Feed is ordered in conjunction with our lawn care programs, which include fertilization and weed control. The addition of an aeration to your program will help increase germination.

As always, daily watering of the lawn is required in order to achieve germination of turf grass seed. After seed is applied, it must remain moist for a minimum of 3-4 weeks in order for it to grow. Results will vary depending on weather and homeowner input.

Please ask for details when calling our office.

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*This is not a lawn repair application; it won't turn a completely bare lawn into a thick, lush lawn, and results may vary depending on weather and homeowner input.*

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