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Latest COVID-19 Update

Latest COVID-19 Update

February 19, 2021

From Your Local Weed Man

Thank you for your continued confidence in Weed Man Peel Region as your preferred lawn care provider. We are prepared to continue enhancing your outdoor home environment while making the changes needed to protect public health.

With the spring season fast approaching, we are eager to continue tending to the health of local lawns, providing you and your families with a safe outdoor space to enjoy. With that being said, you might see us around your neighbourhood offering complimentary lawn care quotes. We are grateful that we’re able to provide jobs for several people whose positions were affected by the recent COVID-19 lockdowns, and we appreciate you supporting our locally owned and operated business. 

Please rest assured knowing that we have put stringent safety protocols in place to keep you and our employees safe at all times. We offer contactless delivery of our services, providing what has been deemed as an essential service. 

We take our responsibility seriously. Our services are here to keep your lawn healthy and to provide a safe play environment for families. Most importantly, we want to deliver a bit of normalcy during these less than normal times.

We've made the following changes to ensure everyone's safety:

1) All employees will be screened prior to the start of their shift, including daily temperature checks.

2) All of our vehicles are equipped with plastic dividers to allow two to four employees per vehicle at one time. Each employee must wear PPE at all times (in and out of the vehicle).

3) Enhanced daily cleaning protocols are in place for our employees, office, equipment and trucks.

4) We will abide by the 6-foot social distancing protocol set out by the government.

Our services are critical because of the nature of our work. Here are some of the reasons:

1) Protection and enhancement of homeowner’s property.

2) The direct control and suppression of weeds that create springtime allergens and affect people’s respiratory systems, exacerbating asthma, etc.

3) We enhance healthy lawns, which, in turn, create oxygen.

4) The control of lawn insects that are a risk to health, including, but not limited to, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, grubs, etc.

5) The control of environments (weed and plant growth) that cause vermin to flourish and pose serious risks to public health if left uncontrolled.

6) Our work is performed outside without human contact, thus presenting very minimal risk to further transmission of the virus.

This situation continues to change daily, so we will update you if any of our procedures change. During times like these, we take a lot of pride in you trusting us to maintain one of your greatest assets - your home environment. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you.

The Weed Man Family